Cloud of Suspicion 2017

Well to say that 2016 had plenty going on would be an enormous under statement right?! I have to admit 2016 with it’s cheeky grin did have it’s Pandora like charm. On the other hand it knew very well how to manipulate us and devour us up without thinking twice. I am confident you know exactly what I am reflecting over… How did it all come down to this?  There was a whole lot of “Oh ya that was mind blowingly awesome!” but there is always the “I can’t understand why that happened.” Why and why again. I suspect that 2017 is waiting for us with out stretched arms and is full of wild enthusiasm but I still question in spite of itself why we are so excited to see 2016 fly the coop?  Bye Bye see ya sucker. The struggle is real.

It is okay to say “Wow that could have gone better.”  but don’t forget the love that woke you up today and that every day is a new gift waiting to be revealed. Keep your heart open to that and please do NOT let a cloud of suspicion about what 2017 has planned stand between you and an enthusiasm that will fill you with a joyful noise so loud others can hear. It’s also okay to say “Ya know that was the best year of my life!” Say it loud and with a grin that makes others want to hear all about it and embrace the glee which is yours.That kind of contentment is contagious.

In the dark days tears speak to God for us when we don’t have the words. Laughter and tears both feed the soul and God hears us. He hears us. My heart grieves for the loves we lost and those hearts that are empty with the longing of just one more embrace with the ones we love. I pray for those battling the demon which is cancer. My life is filled with so many fighting for their lives right now. I love you.I love you so very much.  I pray for healing and that you find the strength to grieve with hope. I pray that 2017 will rescue those whose spirits are crushed. You are loved. YOU are NOT alone.

When you have exhausted all of the possibilities remember this~you haven’t.Thomas Edison

Mr.Edison was a wise man. The possibilities of 2017 are endless, they are yours and waiting to take your hand. 2017 does not have any limitations set for you. Those are already in you. NOW is the time to purge.

Grab a hold and enjoy the ride. Be Bold, Be Courageous and Strong.

Do not worry about tomorrow. Matthew 6:25

2017 we are coming for you! Watch out because we aren’t showing up quietly!


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